All you need to know about gastronomic tours in Paris

Parisian cooking courses

French is known worldwide for a lot of great things like art, fashion not forgetting food. For being home of Michelin Guide, French is able to rate a lot of restaurant across the word on strict standard. While in France, one should be eating like French.

Paris is a gastronomical capital in the whole world. This not only brought about by its incredible local cuisine but also it’s brought about by their style as well as innovation chefs bring to their dishes by mixing a variety of unexpected flavour. Paris alone has a total of six hundred and sixteen restaurant with at least one Michelin star. When on Paris food tour, even if you’re not in group, there are always a portion control that ensures that you try a variety of dishes without stuffing yourself. Here, one should always check on a guide in order to get insider information on the kinds of cheese and wines they offer before trying any of them. The guide will also point you towards the best places to eat but best of all is that, there are ways to mixed Paris food tour with sightseeing. For example having dinner at Eiffel tower, sailing down the river at the same time watching a world famous burlesque.

Wine and tasting private tour in Paris. France is well known for the best wines and cheeses. You should always try not to be left out since you will spend your time well with trained oenologist professional wine taster who will make you learn on how to pair wines with food. Here you will take three different wine as well as three different cheese and learn on how handle them perfectly. In case you have a sweet tooth, this is the best tour for you. You will have to visit Saint-Germaine and have a taste of best varieties of pastries together with chocolate. Don’t allow yourself be left out but come and enjoy your favourite food.